No Worries Blinds products actually come with two warranties - therefore giving you twice the peace of mind when you make a purchase with us.

Each product comes with its' own Manufacturer's Warranty and No Worries Blinds will guarantee any of our products for a period of 24 to 12 months depending on the Manufacturer's Warranty terms.

During this time if you find what you believe is a product defect, please contact our Warranty Centre.

Manufacturer's Warranty

Every product on the No Worries Blinds website will have its' own Manufacturer's Warranty. Details of this can be found in the product description and will also come with your No Worries Blinds purchase.

Once we have validated the warranty claim (this includes the issue form and confirmation the claim is within the warranty period), No Worries Blinds will at there sole discration ether replace or repair the product at no expense to you, the customer, if covered by the Manufacturer's Warranty.

No Worries Blinds Warranty

Coinciding with the Manufacturer's Warranty, the No Worries Blinds Warranty only covers products that have been maintained and cleaned properly. For instructions on how to do this please refer to the Product Care, Cleaning and Maintenance guide which can be found in the Help Centre for clear, detailed instructions on how to care for your window furnishings. The No Worries Blinds warranty does not cover products that have been mistreated (including frayed cords) or are defective due to poor maintenance.

In the particular case of blinds and/or curtains that have been altered, it does not cover alteration to the width or drop length of the product if these have been made by persons unauthorised by No Worries Blinds.

Product Warranties

17.1  In addition to the manufacturer's warranty, No Worries Blinds  provide a 24 month (two year) warranty on products listed on the No Worries Blinds  website from the date of original purchase unless otherwise stated.

17.2  No Worries Blinds  warranty excludes product fading, malicious damage, misuse, product that has been removed from the original delivery address, product that has been altered or tampered with in any way from its original delivered condition.

17.3  Return of product under warranty must be arranged by the customer. All costs associated with the return of the product must in the first instance be borne by the customer until such times as No Worries Blinds  can assess the case. If deemed a reasonable warranty claim, No Worries Blinds  will replace or repair the product and return by courier to the original customer.

17.4  If a product is replaced or repaired within its two year time frame the warranty is not extended. The warranty period begins from the date the original order was placed and concludes two years post this date. (I.e. A product does not receive an additional two years warranty from the time it is replaced. If there is X months left on the warranty period, the new item/ replaced part will be covered for this original time frame only.)

17.5  For manufacturer warranties and in some instances manufacturer's extended warranties, please refer to individual product pages.